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Mini computer

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Mini computer

│ Description │

Eco Friendly Super Mini Computer with fanless structure

mini_NB PC
Low powered, Intel 4th generation CPU/GPU is embodied in this PC.
It provides 4K UHD graphic level which allows 4X HD resolution in playing and at the same time, it consume power lower than 15W. Especially it is built in 11x11cm with fanless structure so there is no noisy when operating.

│ Feature │

Eco Friendly Fanless Structure
Zero noise and dust with fanless structure
Small Enough to go on your hand

│ Company introduction │

We provide products that are simple and intuitive with our best trust.
No matter how complicate the figure is, it becomes real simple when depicted in silhouette.
We try our best effort to turn complicated technology into a simple and intuitive form.
With this effort, technology will turn out to be a true for-human-technology, ease to use for anybody.

We would become a trusty partner for your success in sales and service over this newly invented products.
There are several IT products and service around us.
Excellent technology doesn’t show off.
We’ll try to focus on product and sincerely follow to support your success.

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Mini computer

Mini computer

Mini computer